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        • 1, team spirit: unity of mind, unity and struggle, sincere cooperation, and work hand in hand.

        • 2, the pursuit of goals: satisfy the customers, company and employees.
        • 3, development direction: build to be first-class technology cylinder factory, to be the pioneer of China”.

        • 4, business philosophy: create a product, a monument, a friend, expand a market. JieCan can occupy the market with quality, win the market in good faith, and develop the market with innovation. 

        • 5, the market concept: today's quality is tomorrow's market, the credibility of the enterprise is invisible market, and customer satisfaction is the eternal market.

        • 6, quality concept: unity and efficiency, strengthening implementation, continuous improvement, technological innovation, product qualification is our responsibility, quality excellence is our contribution.

        • 7. social responsibility: social responsibility, environmental protection, high efficiency and common prosperity.